Windhaven Farm


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Barn built in 2003

12'x10' matted box stalls are bright and airy with full-sized screened windows that open to provide wonderful ventilation.

*Stalls are divided by grills on three sides with window in rear. This allows for the comfort of seeing other horses and allows horses are able to relax and enjoy their environment.

*Horses are fed four times per day with last feeding at 9pm night check.

*All day turn-out is available but not required.  Shorter turn-outs can be arranged at no extra charge. Horses have huge individual tree shaded paddocks.  We recommend individual turn-out for safety but horses can buddy up if they have a friend they get along with.  All paddocks have wood fences with elec wire.

*Heated and air-conditioned viewing area for students and parents

*Heated and air-conditioned boarder tack room with plenty of room for each boarder to have saddle & bridle rack. Space for trunks in tack room .  Further space available upstairs for larger tack storage.

Indoor Arena

66'x120' attached arena is beautifully illuminated by top quality lighting system. Re-surfaced in Spring of 2015.

Indoor arena has five doors that open to provide an airy shaded riding experience even on the warmest Summer day. In any season the arena and barn boast the wonderful ventalation you get with arena beside barn instead of end to end.

New Outdoor Arena 250' x 120'

Beautiful new sand arena has a full course of jumps and a separate dressage arena so there is always room for whatever you are working on that day.


Individual paddocks are all newly graded and grass planted. Clean and open, each paddock has shade trees and water troughs.

 Board: $630.00 per month includes daily turn-out. No limit on hay or grain amounts

Rough Board: Must have good references. 4 stall annex, 10x12 stalls.

                        "Annex is currently Full". Call regarding rough board in big barn


Trailering: Call for Rates