Windhaven Farm


Visit from Colorful Apples Learning Center

To the caring people at Windhaven Farm,

 We are a small licensed childcare center located in the inner city of Manchester NH.  Many of our children will never get the chance to ride on a horse or even be able to interact with them.  When we were thinking of where to go for our field trip one of the parents, Jess Craig, mentioned taking our children to Windhaven Farm in Raymond, NH so they can get a chance to ride a pony.  We thought this was a fantastic idea and it became possible with the help of Jess and the owners of Windhaven Farm. 

When we arrived at the farm the children were in complete amazement that they were able to meet the horse, pet the horse, brush the horse and actually ride the horse. The children had a sense of calmness about them I cannot describe in words.  It was almost as if their dreams had become reality.  We met many different people at the farm who were tending to the other horses and they were very friendly.  Overall the atmosphere was both terrific and surreal.  I loved the experience so much that I am inquiring about taking my own daughter to Windhaven for riding lessons. 

Thank you so much for the everlasting experience.  We hope to come back soon! Thank you also for the loving care you provided to our school.  The children had a blast!!

Warmest Regards, 

Nikki Darwish, Dawn Curtis and the children of Colorful Apples Learning Center

current boarder/student

I brought my horse to Windhaven Farm over a year ago and as my husband
reminds me on occasion 'it was the best thing I did'. The owners, Linda &
Mark Kelley and their staff take excellent care of all the horses and
everything related to the upkeep of the farm and facility. It is always a
clean, well organized, and safe environment. The staff is very
conscientious, helpful, and friendly.
There is lots of camaraderie between boarders, everyone feels comfortable
helping one another. You can find laughter and chatter in the horse aisle
any weekend among boarders, students, and staff.

If a horse has an ailment or problem, Linda is always there to help in what
ever way is needed. I have never worried about the health or care of my
horse since the day he set foot at Windhaven Farm.

Linda has helped me immensely with my riding skills, taking the time to
build balance and confidence between myself and Bode. We now enjoy many
different riding activities.

2013 - 2014 Boarder note upon leaving

Thank you so much for everything you have helped Court and I with. You are an amazing woman with a wonderful talent for teaching. I hope you know how hard a decision leaving was for me.Would love to visit now and then and maybe take more lessons.

From someone looking at barns to board her horse

 I talked with you on the phone a couple of days ago about boarding next year, and just came back from looking at your farm and talking to people whose horses are there. Really nice place!! I was impressed with the facility, itself, and the friendliness of the people.
Again, I am really impressed with your farm! I've visited quite a number of places over the past few days. Not pleased with any of them for one reason or another.